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The amount of (lengthy) interviews that Pat did in the leadup to the Senate election was incredible. He was "highly motivated, highly dedicated, and highly caffeinated" (and highly nicotine-ated), and he was "dropping red pills like a B52" (to use two of his classic quotes). This site is devoted to the preservation of all of those red pills (and ones that Pat has yet to drop). I've got many of his pre-election interviews here, but I'll be adding a lot more of them in the very near future.



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--- If you're unfamiliar with Pat's views, these interviews are where you should start ---



Pat Little Interviewed by a Japanese Reporter


Pat FULL Interview with NBC Reporter 


Patrick Little gets Interviewed by Reuters


Pat Interviewed by Jewish Reporter in a Noisy Restaurant



--- The interviews below are for those of you who already have an idea of Pat's views and opinions --



Pat "Town Hall" Q&A Session


Pat on Dr. David Duke's Podcast


Patrick Little on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock


Pat on Patrick Slattery's National Bugle Radio Show - 4th Appearance


Pat on Patrick Slattery's National Bugle Radio Show - 3rd Appearance


Pat on Patrick Slattery's National Bugle Radio Show - 2nd Appearance


Pat on Patrick Slattery's National Bugle Radio Show - 1st Appearance


Patrick Little and Ryan Dawson 


Pat on Jim Goad's 'Group Hug' Podcast 


Pat Little, Alfred Schaefer, and Vince from Red Elephants


Patrick Little on Radio Wehrwolf


So To Speak with Jared Howe (Episode #44)


Pat on Nordic Frontier Podcast


Pat on GoyTalk Radio with Dino & Friends:


Pat On Brian Ruhe's Show


Patrick Little vs. Halsey English (a J_wish guy) [from YouTube]


Pat discusses infighting and subversion of the @lt-right


Pat discusses Weev and "Controlled Opposition" within the @lt-right


Patrick Little on the Richie Allen Show


Patrick Little on Realist Report:

Pat reacts to the first half of Dr. Greg Johnson's 'White Nationalist Manifesto' (October, 2018)


Pat on National Bugle Radio (October, 2018)


"Oct 4 Live with the Candidate" (done on Pat's YouTube Channel in October, 2018)


Patrick Little on 'Inside the Eye' with Dennis Fetcho


Pat on Europe Rising (YouTube Channel)


Pat Little on Adam Green's Know More News


Patrick Little on Southern Dingo's Southern AF Podcast (ep. 40)


Pat on Bill Finck's Radio Show


Pat on Satellite of Discontent (found on


Pat on Scars and Tears (YouTube channel) - 1st Appearance


Pat on Scars and Tears (YouTube channel) - 2nd Appearance